Sunday, March 14, 2010

The End of Our Trip to Disney

Just a last hug from Mickey before we leave the hotel for the last time- for this visit...
Let me just thank all the men and women serving in the military for their service. And never forget their families waiting for them at home when they are risking their life for us to be safe.

On the ride to momom and pappap's condo for a little dinner

All the grand kids

Checking out some of the photos and videos from the trip

Making sure they are approved for viewing

Disney World - Day 5

After putting on some more clothes we headed to Hollywood studio to meet some of the family.

So High School Musical was worth waiting for the kids.

A few crackers and hot chocolate helpes

Kristin and Emily was asked to join the Wild Cats and this was one of the high lights of the trip, at least this day

Getting Hair Cuts in Magic Kingdom

Kristin needed a hair cut, so what better place to go than Magic Kingdom. We took the ferry, not the best choice considering the weather

No line and a private performance

This is Penny; Shannon's favorite hair dresser

Britt just needed a little adjustment on her bangs

Here is the balloon Uncle John got the girls a few days earlier. We had no room for it in the car, so Kristin and Britt decided to do what we do with all balloons, send them to heaven. For personal reasons we do not allow balloons, and send them to mormor and Mary Rita in heaven.

By now it was so cold, we went to the hotel and put on some more clothes and had one more park to go to, namely Hollywood Studios

On my own in Magic Kingdom

I left the family in Animal Kingdom and brought my tripod to Magic Kingdom to capture some photos of of Cinderella's Castle during the fireworks.

Made it to the park just as the parade started

The castle looks magical during this season

After shooting these images I was so cold, that I ended up spending the next hour in a restaurant drinking hot chocolate

Then off to the Fireworks

Disney World - Day 4

Animal Kingdom

Next Park was the Animal Kingdom and finally the day Kristin could dive the nuts to Chip and Dale that she had carried in her pocket for days. It had now become a little colder and the start of the coldest January in years.

We started the day at the Kilimanjaro Safari, a little cold but we managed


Lunch at Pizzafari

Festival of the Lion King

Then we started to meet all the Characters.